Nov 262014

You’re so impossible
Scream and moan it chills my soul
Don’t wanna hear you got left behind
All those times you stayed up and cried
It’s no lie
You did it to yourself
Like chewed up gum under my shelf
Don’t look surprised
You must have know all along

It’s just another love song
Another love song

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Jun 112014


Don’t tell your man what he don’t do right 
Nor tell him all the things that make you cry 
But check yourself for your own shit 
And don’t be making out like it’s all his 

Take a look around the world 
You see such bad things happening 
There are many good men 
Ask yourself is he one of them 

The deadliest of sin is pride 
Make you feel like you’re always right 
But they’re always two sides 
It takes two to make love, two to make a life

Take a look around the world 
You see such mad things happening 
There are few good men 
Thank your lucky star that he’s one of them

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