New Year

We made it to 2022 and I was busy working through most of the holidays. This is the first year in my career that I had to work Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and Day and I am burned out.

I love managing my team but I’m not feeling supported from leadership right now so it may be time to move on.

Amiga 500

My son wanted an Amiga 500 for years after learning that I ran a BBS on an Amiga 500 and 2000. I was a full on Commodore fan and ran these systems well into the late 90’s before retiring them and giving the systems away.

A neighbor found out that my son was into this and reached out to us last year. Her father was also a huge Commodore fan and owned several machines and a ton of original software. Her father passed away last year and she stopped by the house last night with 4 boxes full of equipment.

An Amiga 500, VIC-20, Commodore monitor, disk drives and everything else you can think of. I wanted to pay her for all of this and she broke down. She said her father would have wanted someone to love the equipment as much as he did, and she knew my son was the one.

How amazing is that? People have become so hard shelled during the pandemic and then there is a bright light like this to remind me that there are good people.

My son is going nuts. He just restored an IBM 5160 and has it up and running and was ready for new projects and now we get to bring him into the world of the Commodore machines.


I’ve lost a few high school friends now. One of them was very health focused, in great shape and a fan of the ‘natural immunity’ thing. COVID killed him. His lungs collapsed.

I’m over fighting for the folks that believe this is just a simple flu and have come to the realization that people are just going to die and that’s that.

111 Million

Today we are at 111 Million cases globally, with 2.4 million deaths.

The United States passed a grim milestone today of 500,00 deaths due to COVID.

A lot has happened since my last post on 12/30. Trump lost the election and claimed multiple times it was rigged. He pushed this narrative to a boiling point on January 6th where his supporters stormed the US Capitol. People died.

Joe Biden has been sworn in as President.

We are currently in a push to vaccinate as many people as possible and cases are starting to drop. While good news, the concern is that people will assume the vaccines have wiped this out and relax a bit.

My son will return to in class school on April 1st and we are excited and nervous. He feels it would be disruptive to return in person on a modified schedule for the remaining two months of the school year. I am worried teachers are not a priority when it comes to immunizations and hope that all of the teachers in our district remain safe.

On a personal note I have been in a bit of a funk. February is always tough for me. It is the time of year that my grandmother passed away and no matter how prepared for this I am, it still hurts and puts me in a mood. I miss her terribly and always will.

I also have many positives happening and I need to focus on that. My career has taken off, I am in a great relationship and finally feel supported for the first time in my life, and I enjoy watching my son grow up.

I need to focus on these things.

82 Million

19.5 million cases in the US. 338k dead. 3000 per day are dying.

Globally 1.7 dead.

Vaccinations have started and in the United States things are a mess. People are ‘jumping the line’ to get ahead of front line workers.

In Los Angeles the hospitals are turning away ambulances because they have no capacity due to COVID cases. Locally medical workers are concerned that the hospitals here are close to capacity.

The virus is mutating. The new and improved version spreads even faster now.

The mask/science vs open the businesses and schools debate rages on. People assault each other over this.

I am concerned we still don’t know enough about the long term effects of this virus and feel the vaccines were rushed. I am by no means an anti-vaxx person, I just want to see some long term study before getting jabbed myself.

President Trump is only concerned with conspiracy about losing the election right now. There was a massive bombing in Nashville on Christmas morning and he has not mentioned this at all.

The world is a mess.

52 Million

52 Million cases globally, with 1.2 million deaths. 10 Million cases in the United States, with 242,000 deaths.

Corona virus cases in the United States have exploded and the numbers are horrific. Hospitals are starting to fill up again in many states and I am deeply concerned that we still don’t know enough about this virus to combat against it.

I have two friends, a couple, that both came down with the virus. One is a nurse and she was sick for weeks while her husband was on a ventilator for 11 days. Both ‘recovered’ but here’s the goofy thing. She still tests positive for the antibodies and he does not.

She is considered a long hauler and continues to deal with major health issues.

Talk of a vaccine being available after the end of the year. Feels very rushed to me and I am in no hurry to stand in line for it.

Countries across the globe are locking down again, as are many cities in the United States.

Overall, we aren’t very good at fighting this.

Trump was defeated in the election and continues to fight and refuses to concede. We all saw that coming and it should surprise absolutely nobody.

Historic voter numbers for the United States. Joe Biden has almost 5 million more votes than Trump, but Trump is claiming massive voter fraud. QAnon has gone silent. Trump supports have not.

Forty Three

43 million cases globally. 1.1 million deaths.

US cases numbers 8.7 million, with 226k dead.

Since my last post the President of the United States was infected and had the best care in the world to treat it. He came out of it and told us all it wasn’t a big deal.

226,000 would disagree.

The election is one week away and I am concerned. I am afraid that no matter which way this goes there will be trouble. The United States is a mess right now and we are divided.

Voter turnout is at historic levels.