So much for not getting Archer… I went to the Humane Society to check him out.

The woman that worked with me was named Alex, same as my son.  I kind of took that as a sign.   When I went into the dog area to take a look, Archer was the only one that made eye contact and just made it clear he wanted contact.

We took Archer into a side room so we could get to know him and he was nervous but good.  Deal.

Archer came home and once he settled down things were great.  He has been very loving and protective and he listens well to Alex.  He appears potty trained, knows sit, lay down, stay and a few other basics.  I think we have a good match.

Check out the Rainier Beer “R” logo on his nose.


Maybe Maybe

A friend pointed out a dog on the Tacoma Humane Society web site named Archer.

I am interested but man it feels too soon.  I love the look of Archer, but not sure if I want to go down that road right now.

I am feeling better and things are kind of returning to normal.  I still feel like I am on auto pilot a bit, I guess that is normal.


Halloween 2013

Our neighborhood typically has a solid turnout for Halloween.   This year it was over the top!

One neighbor reported 383 kids.  That is a huge number for an area considered lower income in the South end of Tacoma.

We had a neighbor convert one of his empty homes into a massive walk through haunted house.  The house was complete with flaming skulls, animated creatures and scary things that jumped at us from all angles.  It was impressive and everyone loved it.

Several neighbors provided warm cider and hot chocolate for parents as they escorted children door to door.

I would estimate that at least 2/3 of the homes we visited had someone dressed in costume as they answered the door to hand out candy, all of them hamming it up and having fun.

The most impressive thing?  I never heard a cry or a child be rude.  I heard nothing but “thank you” and “please” and laughs to last a lifetime.  This is what Halloween should be like and I am glad I live in a neighborhood willing to make it fun.

I spent a few weeks working on a costume for Alexander so he could dress as his favorite character from Minecraft.  I was working up to the last minute but finally finished in time for Alex to roam the streets as Steve!  The costume was a hit, with parents and children screaming “STEEEEVE!” when we walked past.   Alex was over the moon and I was a proud father.

Minecraft Costume