Apr 232020

2.6 million globally, 185k dead, 723k recovered.

In the United States we are sitting at 843k infected, 4.4 million tested, 47k dead.

The positive news in all of this is that data shows staying home helps flatten the curve of infection. Staying home is working and has given hospitals the ability to start catching up.

Sadly I have a friend in the ICU here locally fighting for his life right now due to all of this. His wife is a nurse and is also infected, so she is unable to visit him in the hospital.

There have been several protests this past weekend to ‘open the country’ back up. People are concerned about their freedom. I personally don’t feel like I am restricted in any way but understand how others may feel that way.

I am able to leave my house to go shopping or pick up food. I can fill my gas tank and do everything I was planning to do before all of this started. As long as we are wearing masks and distancing from others we seem okay.

People want to get haircuts. Want construction to resume. Want to go… fishing. I get all of that. I am not willing to risk the life of someone else because I need a haircut, but may are.

In Kentucky the rate of infection jumped considerably after a group of folks protested (without masks, etc.) to re-open the State. That alone should be enough of an example. But people in the US are funny that way. There are so many conspiracies floating around and our leadership at the Federal level has been less than inspiring, almost inciting some of the conspiracies.

Life is maddening right now but we are managing as best we can.

Apr 152020

Global total is 2 million infected, 128k dead and 500k recovered.

We now have a dedicated tracker for the US that breaks details down to county level.


3 million tested in the U.S. with 600k confirmed cases, 25k dead and 43k recovered. New York is the hardest hit and the epicenter in the U.S. right now.

In Washington State things continue to level off while we all stay home as much as we can. We are all wearing masks if we visit a shop for any reason.

Here are the details for Pierce County where we live:


We show a 4.82% fatality rate right now. But it’s “just a bad flu” right?

Washington, Oregon and California are grouping together as a team to decide when things should slowly open back up for business. It is impressive to see States work together like this in a time where it is easy to panic.

Stimulus checks are hitting bank accounts today.

Meanwhile the President of the United States is halting funding to the World Health Organization during a pandemic claiming they have ‘mismanaged and covering up’ things related to the outbreak. The President is also tweeting about how his favorite movie is Mutiny On the Bounty as a threat to Governors who don’t agree with him. The President also feels that voting by mail is now a bad thing for everyone, except him, because it doesn’t work in his favor. This is all within the past two or three days.

Remember. This is the President who said this was nothing. It would all go away soon and it was just a bad flu. Meanwhile in February he spent time golfing, at Trump rallies and speaking at CPC. He spent almost half of the month ignoring this while the rest of the world warned of the upcoming trouble.

The President is not capable of criticism in any way. I have friends from India and Italy telling me they watch what is happening here and they are absolutely gobsmacked at how our country is being run, and they don’t understand why someone so unstable is running the show.

This is not stability when we need it most.

Apr 062020

Had to take a little break and focus.

Today we are sitting at 1.3 million infected, 74k dead and 276 recovered.

The US government now recommends we wear masks while in public spaces, and to avoid shopping unless it is absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, some states have opened beaches back up. /shrug

I am fortunate to still be employed and working remote. My company today just cut 10% of staff across the entire company, reduced salary temporarily between 0-10% depending on what you earn, and we’ve cut training and future headcount. It is brutal but we are still working and I am thankful.

Washington State has closed school for the remainder of the year which is not a surprise. Some people think we need to start opening businesses again and, as much as I try to understand this logic, don’t see how anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Data is really important to me, and the numbers just don’t make sense for opening things back up. We have slowed the spread and that is the entire point of shutting down. Starting things back up, without the ability to cure this is insanity to me. We still don’t know enough and despite what people think, this is NOT the flu. We understand the flu and have the ability to slow that down without distancing and shutting down the country.

There are a lot of conspiracies now. People are burning 5G cell towers because they think this caused the virus. Some people think this is man made. Other think this is just a way for the elite to control us and thin the population. So bizarre.

Sometimes the simple answer is the logical one. Viruses happen. Sometimes they are deadly and spread at a rate we aren’t able to comprehend. This is a scary time and it brings out a lot of crazy things in people.

I am using this time to stay productive and try to keep occupied. I am concerned that warmer weather means people will ignore warnings and start to group up. I am also very concerned that we are not fighting this in a coordinated way. If my state comes out of this clean what prevents someone from another state with many infected from coming here and starting the cycle all over?

There is also a new concern that this could become seasonal. The world has changed and I’m not sure we can ever go back to how we were.

Mar 302020

Three days later and we’ve jumped to 745k confirmed, 36k dead and 156k recovered.

The United States has jumped to 148k confirmed and counting. Washington State is sitting at roughly 4k confirmed with 200 deaths. Many of us are taking the physical distancing serious with large numbers still thinking this is just a ‘bad flu’ and it is maddening.

It has finally hit close with the death of a friends father. Her parents were very much Fox News folks who were not taking this serious enough. They were out in public as if nothing was happening. Both of them became ill, and within a week one of them was dead.

A field hospital is going up at CenturyLink. They have moved a ton of beds into the parking garages at Good Samaritan in Puyallup. Makeshift hospitals are going up in several places including a soccer field in Shoreline.

The shortage on masks, gloves and ventilators continues. A new technique to sterilize masks has been approved so first responders, doctors and medical staff can reuse them.

Clinical trials on medicine have been fast tracked.

Companies have shifted manufacturing focus to make ventilators, including Tesla who just delivered 1000 of them to Los Angeles.

Governors are competing against each other, and the Federal Government to procure supplies. The President said that he expects all of the Governors to ‘be nice’ to him while talking about his TV ratings.

The President is feuding with New York Governor, claiming that 4000 ventilators were sent to New York but are ‘sitting in a warehouse unused’ and also claiming that ‘masks and other equipment’ are going out the back doors. Without showing evidence. Fear mongering at its finest and this is NOT what the nation needs right now. Division is everywhere.

The President has backed off of going back to work by Easter. We are now pushed out to at least April 30th. I expect that we really wont be getting back to work until June based on the trends I have been watching.

Personally I am struggling hard right now. I lost one of my best friends a week ago due to complications with cancer. There are numerous other personal issues happening that are complicating things. I’m just on auto pilot at the moment trying to keep myself above water.

I have a good support system thankfully.

Mar 262020

523k cases worldwide, 23k dead, 122k recovered.

The US has the third largest number of cases with 80k. Yet we are being told we hope to be back to work and in offices in a few weeks. Insanity.

One month ago President Trump said that 15 cases in the US should be down to almost zero in a few days. Think about that response for a moment and how absolutely out of touch he was with this crisis.

We have over 1,000 deaths in the US right now and people still want to call this a ‘bad flu’ and blame everyone except the people in charge. We still hear screams of ‘fake news’ and fingers being pointed in all directions. Again, insanity.

Health care workers in Boston are testing positive, New Orleans is getting overrun with cases and New York is in trouble.

I still don’t see people staying home in my city. There are less people out but I continue to see people in groups hanging out and not taking this serious enough.

I just don’t have it in me today to write more about it. It’s depressing to see the way our country is handling this.