Twenty Five Million

Since June 11th, we have jumped from 7 million global cases to over 23 million.

The United States jumped from 2 Million cases to 6 Million. From 112k dead to just under 200k.

Globally areas that had halted the spread are now getting new hot spot areas of infection.

Sweden, who attempted herd immunity is now requiring masks for everyone and they have the highest death rate per infection. They tried.

The US handling of this is still a mixed bag and now there is a push for herd immunity here as well. The statistics have been a mess, with the CDC data being pushed into a new system. Every day there is drama and confusion, which is what they want.

Locally I was able to get a free test quickly. Fill paperwork, drive up, get swab and leave. Took three days to get results and we were pleased with that process.

Elections are coming up in November and the US is a mess. Turmoil everywhere.

BLM protests continue and there are nightly issues between ‘Patriots’ and BLM/Protest folks. A white 17 year old with an assault style rife crossed state lines, to defend property he didn’t own. He was chased, killed someone. Ran from the scene right past the police as people pointed him out as having shot someone dead. He was chased and attacked, shot and killed another person and wounded one more. He is being hailed as a hero on the right and a murderer on the left.

He was not old enough to carry that weapon. He crossed state lines with that weapon. He defended property that was not his. He is responsible for all of those things and being charged with murder.

The President is defending him.

I’m terrified at what November brings. No matter who we elect there will be turmoil and the prospect of more violence and I am very afraid.

7.4 Million

In 20 days we have jumped from 5 million cases globally to 7.4 million. 400k dead.

The United States is in the lead with 2 million cases and 112k dead. We’ve tested 21 million out of 330 million and have a long way to go.

Since my last update the United States has shifted from daily coronavirus updates to almost zero. States are starting to open up and enter into opening phases.

States like Texas, Florida and Georgia that opened early have seen an uptick in infections which isn’t a good sign. In Pierce County we dropped enough to enter phase 2 of opening businesses, but I see us starting to slowly rise again, and my guess is that it is related to Labor Day weekend where everyone was gathering together.

The United States is in turmoil right now. Protests everywhere ignited by the death of George Floyd by police. There have been numerous instances of police killing black Americans but the killing of George Floyd was sickening in how casual it was.

Protests have erupted everywhere. The White House has 2 miles of fence around it and the Government has come out in force to stop the protesting. It has not worked. There has been looting in several cities initially and that seems to have stopped.

The President is threatening States and Mayors via Twitter, telling them he will intervene if they don’t stop all of this. The Governors and Mayors are telling him to pound sand.

I feel like I’m living in a dystopian film.