Hold My Beer

2020 – COVID/Election/Vaccine protests
2021 – COVID/Lockdowns/Vaccine mandate protests/January 6th attack
2022 – COVID/Trucker Convoy protest/Russian invades Ukraine

The world feels like a mess.

I lived through the Cold War and remember watching The Day After. The thought of a nuclear war happening was always in the back of my throughout middle and high school until the USSR collapsed and the wall came down.

I haven’t felt that way in 35 years. Until now. It feels like the situation in the Ukraine is spinning out of control and my fear is this would spill into Poland and trigger a NATO response. Will it happen? I sure hope not, but the possibility remains.

Locally things have been spinning out of control. Crime is crazy and it feels lawless in my city. The police spent the better part of 2021 ‘hands off’ due to an interpretation of a law signed by our Governor designed to hold law enforcement officers accountable.

Coming out of the COVID restrictions has been telling. People are, for lack of a better word, feral. People have forgotten how to communicate and be respectful to each other. Instant anger and confrontation happening.

We’ve lost the ability to be decent humans. There are still glimpses of this but it is rare now and I am trying to remain positive and lead by example for my son.

My job is still stressful. Working from home for two years has been a blessing and a curse. I love the flexibility provided, but I need to learn how to disconnect. I’ve fallen into the trap of always being available and it is impacting my mental and physical health in a negative way. I have bene eating poorly, gained weight and fall into a bad mental place often.

Working on those things to get back on track now.

I miss travel more than anything right now and a month long trip somewhere feels out of reach.

My son is growing up so fast and I love him with every fiber of my being. He is so talented and beautiful inside and out. Being a father and raising him has been the highlight of my life and I hope he understands that when he is older and can reflect back on our time together long after I am gone.

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