New Year

We made it to 2022 and I was busy working through most of the holidays. This is the first year in my career that I had to work Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and Day and I am burned out.

I love managing my team but I’m not feeling supported from leadership right now so it may be time to move on.

Amiga 500

My son wanted an Amiga 500 for years after learning that I ran a BBS on an Amiga 500 and 2000. I was a full on Commodore fan and ran these systems well into the late 90’s before retiring them and giving the systems away.

A neighbor found out that my son was into this and reached out to us last year. Her father was also a huge Commodore fan and owned several machines and a ton of original software. Her father passed away last year and she stopped by the house last night with 4 boxes full of equipment.

An Amiga 500, VIC-20, Commodore monitor, disk drives and everything else you can think of. I wanted to pay her for all of this and she broke down. She said her father would have wanted someone to love the equipment as much as he did, and she knew my son was the one.

How amazing is that? People have become so hard shelled during the pandemic and then there is a bright light like this to remind me that there are good people.

My son is going nuts. He just restored an IBM 5160 and has it up and running and was ready for new projects and now we get to bring him into the world of the Commodore machines.


I’ve lost a few high school friends now. One of them was very health focused, in great shape and a fan of the ‘natural immunity’ thing. COVID killed him. His lungs collapsed.

I’m over fighting for the folks that believe this is just a simple flu and have come to the realization that people are just going to die and that’s that.

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