6 Months Later..

264,723,339 cases globally with 5.2 Million deaths. The United States counts just under 50 Million cases with 800k dead. We’ve gone from Delta to a new Omicron variant. Boosters are recommended.

I’ve been busy with work, more than I ever have in my career and it is taking a toll.

Maybe a career change? I really don’t know yet. I love the type of work I do when it fits and I have new leadership with potential positive changes ahead but there is never a guarantee.

I have plenty to be thankful for right now. I’ve grown quite a bit the past two years and have worked hard removing old habits and mental blocks from childhood bullshit. I no longer feel guilty about everything and have invested in self care..

My son started high school this year and watching him grow as a person is an amazing journey. He’s found his tribe! He actually likes school!

We are planning some travel this year now that it feels safer to travel. I would love to spend a solid 3-4 weeks in Greece and I’m already looking into where and when.

I turn 53 next week. Birthdays are not my thing so I intend to keep it low key.

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