Five Million

Globally 5.1 infected. 334k dead. 2 mi recovered.

The US has tested roughly 10 million out of a population of 329 million. We have a long way to go.

The new divide is all about .. wearing masks. I swear people living in the United States are looking for any reason to argue right now.

On one side you have the mask wearers, who are concerned about spreading/catching the Coronavirus. The CDC recommends wearing a mask right now if you are in a crowd and many stores require this. Costco is an example of this and will not allow anyone in the store unless they are wearing a mask.

On the other side you have the anti-mask folks. They think that being asked to wear a mask is eroding their civil liberty. Wearing a mask means you are a sheep. Wearing a mask means you believe in a ‘fake’ virus. People are attempting to get around the mask rule by claiming they have a medical issue via the ADA.

I don’t understand why this is such a huge issue. People have to follow rules in stores all of the time (no shirt, no shoes, no service) and wearing a face mask is no different. Abusing the ADA because of your ‘freedoms’ is sad.

Washington State is opening some areas under Phase 2. This is a good step and I hope we are able to continue opening slowly, with proper caution in place.

New study says that Coronavirus doesn’t live as long on surfaces as previously thought. Still appears to be spreading via droplets which is a concern, and there are new issues related to the virus cropping up. We simply don’t know enough about this yet and while hopeful, I am concerned that we end up with another round of this towards the end of summer.

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