One Point Three

Had to take a little break and focus.

Today we are sitting at 1.3 million infected, 74k dead and 276 recovered.

The US government now recommends we wear masks while in public spaces, and to avoid shopping unless it is absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, some states have opened beaches back up. /shrug

I am fortunate to still be employed and working remote. My company today just cut 10% of staff across the entire company, reduced salary temporarily between 0-10% depending on what you earn, and we’ve cut training and future headcount. It is brutal but we are still working and I am thankful.

Washington State has closed school for the remainder of the year which is not a surprise. Some people think we need to start opening businesses again and, as much as I try to understand this logic, don’t see how anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Data is really important to me, and the numbers just don’t make sense for opening things back up. We have slowed the spread and that is the entire point of shutting down. Starting things back up, without the ability to cure this is insanity to me. We still don’t know enough and despite what people think, this is NOT the flu. We understand the flu and have the ability to slow that down without distancing and shutting down the country.

There are a lot of conspiracies now. People are burning 5G cell towers because they think this caused the virus. Some people think this is man made. Other think this is just a way for the elite to control us and thin the population. So bizarre.

Sometimes the simple answer is the logical one. Viruses happen. Sometimes they are deadly and spread at a rate we aren’t able to comprehend. This is a scary time and it brings out a lot of crazy things in people.

I am using this time to stay productive and try to keep occupied. I am concerned that warmer weather means people will ignore warnings and start to group up. I am also very concerned that we are not fighting this in a coordinated way. If my state comes out of this clean what prevents someone from another state with many infected from coming here and starting the cycle all over?

There is also a new concern that this could become seasonal. The world has changed and I’m not sure we can ever go back to how we were.

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