Sweet Oblivion

Three days later and we’ve jumped to 745k confirmed, 36k dead and 156k recovered.

The United States has jumped to 148k confirmed and counting. Washington State is sitting at roughly 4k confirmed with 200 deaths. Many of us are taking the physical distancing serious with large numbers still thinking this is just a ‘bad flu’ and it is maddening.

It has finally hit close with the death of a friends father. Her parents were very much Fox News folks who were not taking this serious enough. They were out in public as if nothing was happening. Both of them became ill, and within a week one of them was dead.

A field hospital is going up at CenturyLink. They have moved a ton of beds into the parking garages at Good Samaritan in Puyallup. Makeshift hospitals are going up in several places including a soccer field in Shoreline.

The shortage on masks, gloves and ventilators continues. A new technique to sterilize masks has been approved so first responders, doctors and medical staff can reuse them.

Clinical trials on medicine have been fast tracked.

Companies have shifted manufacturing focus to make ventilators, including Tesla who just delivered 1000 of them to Los Angeles.

Governors are competing against each other, and the Federal Government to procure supplies. The President said that he expects all of the Governors to ‘be nice’ to him while talking about his TV ratings.

The President is feuding with New York Governor, claiming that 4000 ventilators were sent to New York but are ‘sitting in a warehouse unused’ and also claiming that ‘masks and other equipment’ are going out the back doors. Without showing evidence. Fear mongering at its finest and this is NOT what the nation needs right now. Division is everywhere.

The President has backed off of going back to work by Easter. We are now pushed out to at least April 30th. I expect that we really wont be getting back to work until June based on the trends I have been watching.

Personally I am struggling hard right now. I lost one of my best friends a week ago due to complications with cancer. There are numerous other personal issues happening that are complicating things. I’m just on auto pilot at the moment trying to keep myself above water.

I have a good support system thankfully.

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