This Is What Winning Looks Like

Globally 595,953 confirmed, 27,333 deaths and 131,007 recovered.

The United States leads all countries with 104,007 confirmed cases, over 1000 deaths. I guess this is what winning looks like.

New York City is looking bad. Hospitals are overwhelmed and they have the highest death rate now. The trajectory for New York City is almost catastrophic if the trend continues. There is a thought that they will need 30-40,000 ventilators.

Locally Washington State appears to be in better shape. We are flattening the curve ahead of most which is a good trend. I suspect our case counts will rise soon enough once more testing is available. I still read comments in our local Facebook groups from people who refuse to stay home because this is ‘just a bad flu’ and I am tired of reading that shit.

Doctors and nurses everywhere are scared. They all repeat the same thing. Not enough masks or equipment to keep them safe and their patients alive.

The President of the United States continues to push for opening businesses back up. The idea now is that we will open areas least hit first, and those people can practice safe distancing. Other are saying it is okay for older people to die if it will save the economy. It is insanity.

The President continues to criticize anyone who remotely disagrees with him, calling Governors, reporters and the media out on Twitter. This is not helpful. This is not leadership, it is bullying.

I am greatly concerned for my friends and co-workers in India. The situation there appears to be heading into chaos. It is very eye opening to see how little is holding our systems together. If we have another major event on top of this we are in trouble.

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