In Bloom

523k cases worldwide, 23k dead, 122k recovered.

The US has the third largest number of cases with 80k. Yet we are being told we hope to be back to work and in offices in a few weeks. Insanity.

One month ago President Trump said that 15 cases in the US should be down to almost zero in a few days. Think about that response for a moment and how absolutely out of touch he was with this crisis.

We have over 1,000 deaths in the US right now and people still want to call this a ‘bad flu’ and blame everyone except the people in charge. We still hear screams of ‘fake news’ and fingers being pointed in all directions. Again, insanity.

Health care workers in Boston are testing positive, New Orleans is getting overrun with cases and New York is in trouble.

I still don’t see people staying home in my city. There are less people out but I continue to see people in groups hanging out and not taking this serious enough.

I just don’t have it in me today to write more about it. It’s depressing to see the way our country is handling this.

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