Here. We. Go.

Globally we have 398K confirmed cases, with over 17k dead.

I am pulling these stats from

Last night the Governor of Washington State has asked that everyone stay home for two weeks, We are not in a full lock down, yet. Essential services remain open and available.

I have several employees in India and they are terrified. India announced today that they are in a full lock down for three weeks. There is a growing concern around the availability of resources and the police aresomewhat lawless based on the videos being sent my way. I am concerned for them.

In my city it still appears to be business as usual for the most part. The streets are not as busy but I still see people out doing normal things and not ‘social distancing’ like we are being asked to do. People continue to hang out in parks, go hiking and generally ignore what they are being asked to do.

Doctors around the world are working hard and begging us to stay home and blunt the spread of this virus. Meanwhile, the President of the United States yesterday said he is considering getting people back to work within weeks. I’m more inclined to believe the doctors right now.

You have two groups of people with very different thoughts on what is happening and how this will play out.

On one side you have people who feel this is a massive crisis and we aren’t doing enough to stop the spread. Social support is flimsy right now and we need some action to help Americans that were already on the edge of losing everything.

On the other side you have people who think this is an overreaction and that the economy is more important. They want to get people back to work and assist with bailing out corporations. The thought here is that if we recover from this and the corporations don’t, there will be a monster blow to the economy and jobless rates will skyrocket.

Meanwhile our politicians are fighting over a stimulus package. Both Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers at each other while trying to sneak in pet projects or things that won’t help Americans who need it right now. It is shameful.

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