Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

What a strange time we live in.

As I type this the world is in shock due to COVID-19. Today there are roughly 355k cases globally, over 15,00 deaths and 100K recovered.

In my city we have been asked to stay inside as much as possible and work remote if we can. I manage an IT team and made the choice to have them all work remote starting the last week of February.

That seems like a lifetime ago.

Washington State officials have begged people to stay inside for a week now. People are ignoring this.

The parks were full this past weekend, including a full on wedding at Point Defiance Park. Popular hiking areas in Washington State were jammed with people. Alkai Beach in Seattle looked like a typical warm Spring day with a massive crowd.

We are failing each other and arguing about politics without listening to medical professionals around the globe who are fighting this daily. The message from all of them is the same. STAY HOME.

I started stocking up on supplies in January when it looked like this was going to get bad, and I am glad I did. The stores continue to get wiped out of items that have a long shelf life.

And bizarrely toilet paper is something folks feel the need to hoard. People are legit fighting over toilet paper and if that doesn’t tell you where we are heading nothing will.

I’ll try to update daily as I feel it is important now more than ever to write down what we are observing.

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