Sweet Oblivion

Three days later and we’ve jumped to 745k confirmed, 36k dead and 156k recovered.

The United States has jumped to 148k confirmed and counting. Washington State is sitting at roughly 4k confirmed with 200 deaths. Many of us are taking the physical distancing serious with large numbers still thinking this is just a ‘bad flu’ and it is maddening.

It has finally hit close with the death of a friends father. Her parents were very much Fox News folks who were not taking this serious enough. They were out in public as if nothing was happening. Both of them became ill, and within a week one of them was dead.

A field hospital is going up at CenturyLink. They have moved a ton of beds into the parking garages at Good Samaritan in Puyallup. Makeshift hospitals are going up in several places including a soccer field in Shoreline.

The shortage on masks, gloves and ventilators continues. A new technique to sterilize masks has been approved so first responders, doctors and medical staff can reuse them.

Clinical trials on medicine have been fast tracked.

Companies have shifted manufacturing focus to make ventilators, including Tesla who just delivered 1000 of them to Los Angeles.

Governors are competing against each other, and the Federal Government to procure supplies. The President said that he expects all of the Governors to ‘be nice’ to him while talking about his TV ratings.

The President is feuding with New York Governor, claiming that 4000 ventilators were sent to New York but are ‘sitting in a warehouse unused’ and also claiming that ‘masks and other equipment’ are going out the back doors. Without showing evidence. Fear mongering at its finest and this is NOT what the nation needs right now. Division is everywhere.

The President has backed off of going back to work by Easter. We are now pushed out to at least April 30th. I expect that we really wont be getting back to work until June based on the trends I have been watching.

Personally I am struggling hard right now. I lost one of my best friends a week ago due to complications with cancer. There are numerous other personal issues happening that are complicating things. I’m just on auto pilot at the moment trying to keep myself above water.

I have a good support system thankfully.

This Is What Winning Looks Like

Globally 595,953 confirmed, 27,333 deaths and 131,007 recovered.

The United States leads all countries with 104,007 confirmed cases, over 1000 deaths. I guess this is what winning looks like.

New York City is looking bad. Hospitals are overwhelmed and they have the highest death rate now. The trajectory for New York City is almost catastrophic if the trend continues. There is a thought that they will need 30-40,000 ventilators.

Locally Washington State appears to be in better shape. We are flattening the curve ahead of most which is a good trend. I suspect our case counts will rise soon enough once more testing is available. I still read comments in our local Facebook groups from people who refuse to stay home because this is ‘just a bad flu’ and I am tired of reading that shit.

Doctors and nurses everywhere are scared. They all repeat the same thing. Not enough masks or equipment to keep them safe and their patients alive.

The President of the United States continues to push for opening businesses back up. The idea now is that we will open areas least hit first, and those people can practice safe distancing. Other are saying it is okay for older people to die if it will save the economy. It is insanity.

The President continues to criticize anyone who remotely disagrees with him, calling Governors, reporters and the media out on Twitter. This is not helpful. This is not leadership, it is bullying.

I am greatly concerned for my friends and co-workers in India. The situation there appears to be heading into chaos. It is very eye opening to see how little is holding our systems together. If we have another major event on top of this we are in trouble.

In Bloom

523k cases worldwide, 23k dead, 122k recovered.

The US has the third largest number of cases with 80k. Yet we are being told we hope to be back to work and in offices in a few weeks. Insanity.

One month ago President Trump said that 15 cases in the US should be down to almost zero in a few days. Think about that response for a moment and how absolutely out of touch he was with this crisis.

We have over 1,000 deaths in the US right now and people still want to call this a ‘bad flu’ and blame everyone except the people in charge. We still hear screams of ‘fake news’ and fingers being pointed in all directions. Again, insanity.

Health care workers in Boston are testing positive, New Orleans is getting overrun with cases and New York is in trouble.

I still don’t see people staying home in my city. There are less people out but I continue to see people in groups hanging out and not taking this serious enough.

I just don’t have it in me today to write more about it. It’s depressing to see the way our country is handling this.

Stay Away

Globally we are at 451k infected, 25k deaths and 112k recovered.

The United States has the 3rd largest number of infected with 60k. We are only testing at a rate of roughly 1 in 1000 right now and the numbers are certain to go up.

I have struggled this entire week to keep my shit together for various reasons but primarily because I lost one of my best friends last Saturday and I am trying to cope with that.

She was one of a handful of people who would call me on my bullshit and someone I would take that from. Like a sister to me, and an Aunt to my son. I’m feeling an enormous amount of grief over this and ugly crying randomly throughout the days. One thing making this worse is that we cannot gather for a funeral service due to restrictions on gathering. It makes this even more difficult to process right now.

So many emotions. I feel guilty and question myself for not always keeping in touch. Sad that I wont get to hear her laugh or make an inside joke that only the two of us would understand. I wish I could just hit rewind,

I am fortunate to have great support around me and I appreciate every bit of that. Still very difficult.

Outside of that things in my city are starting to slow a bit. Tonight we start our full on ‘stay home’ mandate from the Governor. I hope people take it serious but I fear many will not.

I have been keeping up with friends who are nurses and the stories they tell are troubling. Beds are full and the numbers are rising. There is a very real fear that within a week they will be at capacity. Staff have already run out of masks and other items they need. If these people get sick who will take care of the critically ill? There is a service in town that allows us to buy meals for medical workers which are delivered to the hospitals around town. I bought as many as I could afford and hope in some way that offers a bright spot in their day.

I am an introvert by nature but even I am starting to feel the weight of staying home all of the time. I can’t imagine how my extrovert friends are dealing with this and hope they can cope.

People are on edge. There are a few support groups on Facebook for my community and people are becoming more hostile. I cannot imagine how people will react if things get worse and this drags on. I always hope it will bring out the best in people but I don’t see that happening right now and it scares me.

Tomorrow and the next few days will be interesting once the stay at home mandate kicks in. Fingers crossed.

Here. We. Go.

Globally we have 398K confirmed cases, with over 17k dead.

I am pulling these stats from https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

Last night the Governor of Washington State has asked that everyone stay home for two weeks, We are not in a full lock down, yet. Essential services remain open and available.

I have several employees in India and they are terrified. India announced today that they are in a full lock down for three weeks. There is a growing concern around the availability of resources and the police aresomewhat lawless based on the videos being sent my way. I am concerned for them.

In my city it still appears to be business as usual for the most part. The streets are not as busy but I still see people out doing normal things and not ‘social distancing’ like we are being asked to do. People continue to hang out in parks, go hiking and generally ignore what they are being asked to do.

Doctors around the world are working hard and begging us to stay home and blunt the spread of this virus. Meanwhile, the President of the United States yesterday said he is considering getting people back to work within weeks. I’m more inclined to believe the doctors right now.

You have two groups of people with very different thoughts on what is happening and how this will play out.

On one side you have people who feel this is a massive crisis and we aren’t doing enough to stop the spread. Social support is flimsy right now and we need some action to help Americans that were already on the edge of losing everything.

On the other side you have people who think this is an overreaction and that the economy is more important. They want to get people back to work and assist with bailing out corporations. The thought here is that if we recover from this and the corporations don’t, there will be a monster blow to the economy and jobless rates will skyrocket.

Meanwhile our politicians are fighting over a stimulus package. Both Republicans and Democrats are pointing fingers at each other while trying to sneak in pet projects or things that won’t help Americans who need it right now. It is shameful.