Niko And This Week

Niko is slowing down each day.

The tumor has grown to a point that I am afraid it will open up. That is a huge concern right now. He is eating but the cancer is eating him faster.

When I pet him I can feel the bones in his skull, his neck feels thin and I can feel his spine. His breathing is still normal and I don’t hear anything unusual there.

The tumor has almost closed his right eye.  I expect it to be closed by the end of the week.  I have been keeping it clean and wiping gunk out of his eye.   The tumor feels like it is growing out, not in which is actually better.  Had it started to grow inwards he would be unable to eat.

Things have been quiet this week. I am putting the finishing touches on Alexanders Minecraft costume tonight. We are planning a group Trick or Treat in our neighborhood, complete with a full blown haunted house provided by a neighbor. This is going to be a spectacular Halloween for the kids.

Niko and tumor

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