Saying Goodbye

My dog Niko has cancer and is going to die.

Fourteen years of love and companionship will be gone soon and I am overwhelmed with sadness.

Niko has helped me through many difficult times in my life.  The death of my grandmother, my divorce, and heartbreak.   Through it all he has been my rock and my friend, giving me unconditional love in a way that only a dog can.

He has been there for me through happy times.  We have walked through my neighborhood enough that he knows when we are nearing home and gets excited if we have been gone all day.

Every time I am out with Niko he always draws attention.  People always ask “Is he a dingo?” or they tell me “He looks like the Mad Max dog!”.   Children love to pet him and he always allows this even though it is not his style.

He has protected my home and child time and time again, even chasing a bad guy down the alley.   His entire life he has been nothing but an unconditional friend and he will soon be gone.

I am absolutely heartbroken.

This is what cancer looks like.
This is what cancer looks like.

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