Half way through the four day weekend and I am having so much fun.  I forgot what it was like to be happy.

Had a dinner date last night with an old friend.  A ton of catching up, laughing and general fun.

Went to the Wilson Rams 1988 Class pub crawl along Pacific Ave. and met up with people I have not seen in 20+ years!  So many friendly faces and good people to be with.

Left the pub crawl and ended up at a country bar to celebrate a 21st birthday for the daughter of a friend.  What a rowdy but fun crowd of people.  We closed it down..

I am recovering a little bit today but busy packing for the upcoming camping trip.  I continue to be reminded that you cannot be happy with others unless you are happy within first.  I’ve turned a corner and no looking back… and am being rewarded.  I don’t need to visit the past to make me happy.

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