Half way through the four day weekend and I am having so much fun.  I forgot what it was like to be happy.

Had a dinner date last night with an old friend.  A ton of catching up, laughing and general fun.

Went to the Wilson Rams 1988 Class pub crawl along Pacific Ave. and met up with people I have not seen in 20+ years!  So many friendly faces and good people to be with.

Left the pub crawl and ended up at a country bar to celebrate a 21st birthday for the daughter of a friend.  What a rowdy but fun crowd of people.  We closed it down..

I am recovering a little bit today but busy packing for the upcoming camping trip.  I continue to be reminded that you cannot be happy with others unless you are happy within first.  I’ve turned a corner and no looking back… and am being rewarded.  I don’t need to visit the past to make me happy.

New New New

I have been stress free for a week and it feels great.

Starting a new job soon, making new friends and enjoying every day.  The weekend will be busy with friends, new and old.  I am looking forward to it!

Camping trip is in motion and we are gearing up.  Alex is excited and we plan to make the best of it.  This entire summer is turning into one giant fun experience and I am excited for the future.

No looking back.  No anger.  No baggage.

Summer Fun

Another fantastic weekend.  I could get used to this.

Friday night I spent time with two of my closest friends.  Dinner and some well thought and raw, honest conversations about life.  I am lucky to have friends in my life that are honest without being mean or negative.  They get the same in return.

Saturday I cleaned the yards and then went to Cheney Stadium in Tacoma for a night of baseball.  My friends company purchased all four party decks and we took advantage of it.  Free food, beer and surrounded by even more friends.  What more could you ask for?  How about perfect weather?  Sun and beautiful.  Capped the night with some fireside goodness.



If that was not enough, I spent all day Sunday at Art on the Ave. in Tacoma.  Decided to go alone and take it all in.  Weather was hot and it was a perfect people watching event.   Ended up meeting an entire gang of friends and spent the rest of the day with them.  Even mom showed up!  Five hours later I was done and came home to finally relax a bit before the week started.

I say this often and I really mean it.. I have some of the best friends a man could have.  I don’t see some of them often, and a few of them I have not seen in 20+ years, but they have been solid and never mean or hurtful.


What a great holiday weekend.

We spent yesterday at a friends house for a welcome home BBQ, then back home for a second party.  The second party was the annual Backyard BBQ and Concert thrown each year by my neighbors.  Good friends, food and music.

Alex is usually awake by 7am and this morning he did not wake up until 9:30 so you know it was a fun weekend if the kiddo was sleeping in.

Thankful for good friends in my life right now… I need them.